Dummy Camera with Motion Detection Panning
Dummy Camera with Motion Detection Panning

Dummy Camera with Motion Detection Panning

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When this camera detects motion it will pan back and forth for 25 seconds and a red activation light will flash.
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Prevent theft, burglary, vandalism and so much more without a costly security camera. To avoid crime it is very reasonable to use the Dummy Camera with Motion Panning. Its appearance is just like a real camera that the criminal will think that your area is totally under security with surveillance and will look somewhere else.

This camera looks real because it has a real housing. The housing is an actual surveillance camera without the costly circuitry but still it serves your purpose with very little cost. After detecting motion this camera pans back and forth with flashing red activation light for 25 seconds.

This camera does not need any wires and will be installed easily with the hardware. Two AA batteries give power to the camera which are not included. A CCTV window sticker is available with this. Dimensions of camera without the mounting bracket are 9-3/4” (L) x 5-1/4” (D).


  • Motion Activated Sensor
  • Motorized Panning Function
  • Motion Activated LED
  • Authentic Appearance
  • No Cabling Required
  • Battery Powered

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