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Digital Spy Clock DVR
Record 640x480 resolution video and audio with this alarm clock hidden camera and recorder. Convenient remote control with one button motion control activation.
Part Number: MINI-DCLK
$79.00 $47.00 Sale
USB Block Charger Hidden Camera and Recorder
Covert camera and recorder built into a fully functional USB charger. Simple to use and great for descreet recording so you can know what happens when you’re not there.
Part Number: SWBCDVR
$89.00 $79.00 Sale
WiFi Motion Detector Hidden Camera and DVR
Wireless PIR Motion Detector that contains both a hidden camera and video recorder. Easy WiFi setup for recording in 1280 x 720 HD resolution. Runs on AC power adapter for 24/7 surveillance.
Part Number: PIR-DVR-W
Out of Stock
Desk Clock with Hidden Camera and Wi-Fi
Great choice for many covert situations. Portable with battery power or plugged in for continuous use. Built-in video recorder and 120 degree field of view.
Part Number: HCMiniWiFiClock