Wireless Infrared Security Camera and Receiver
Wireless Infrared Security Camera and Receiver

Wireless Infrared Security Camera and Receiver

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Infrared outdoor wireless security camera with audio. 2.4 GHz system for wireless or wired surveillance and 45 ft. IR illumination.
Part Number: PD-201
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   This weatherproof high quality camera with audio can go wireless and wired at the same time. The camera gives coverage of 40 feet under complete darkness with the help of its 30 infrared LEDs. The LEDs turn on or off automatically depending on the light, when there is low light LEDs are on automatically. You can install the camera for permanently or just set temporarily using the pan and tilt bracket.

   The 2.4 GHZ 4 channel receiver can be switched between 4 channels with a handy switch mounted on the side. It has 2 audio and 2 video outputs so you can hook it up to both a monitor and a VCR or DVR simultaneously. Since the camera can be run wired and wirelessly you could hard wire the camera to your monitor and have the wireless receiver and a recorder hidden in a locked closet where a burglar could not access it.

  • CMOS Color Omniview Sensor 330 lines resolution
  • 300 Foot Line Of Sight Range - expect 80 to 120 feet when penetrating obstacles. Concrete and metal will reduce range the most.
  • Frequency Used : 2.414GHz, 2.432GHz, 2.450GHz, 2.468GHz
  • 60 Degrees Field of View
  • 30 LED's for up to 40 foot illumination
  • Power Required: 12 Volts DC
  • Includes 12 volt DC power supplies for camera and receiver

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