Nubix 16 Channel MPEG-4 Digital Video Recorder
Nubix 16 Channel MPEG-4 Digital Video Recorder

Nubix 16 Channel MPEG-4 Digital Video Recorder

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With advanced MPEG4 compression, 4 channels of audio and full independent channel configuration. 480 fps real time display and 120 fps recording. Can be purchased with or without hard drive.
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The Nubix 16 is a professional grade DVR ideal for businesses and residential applications. It offers many features found only on high end DVR's such as full independent channel configuration, full remote access and setup, USB/PS2 mouse compatibility, Support for P.O.S. and multiple video output options.

It uses MPEG4 compression to display video up to 480 frames per second and record at 120 frames per second. Search recorded video using date/time or calendar data, or by event. Record modes include manual, time, motion detection and alarm. External USB port is provided as well as RS485 for PTZ control.


  • Compression: MPEG4

  • Display speed: 480 FPS

  • Display resolution: 720x480 (D1)

  • Recording speed: 120 FPS

  • Record modes: manual, date, day, hour, motion

  • Recording resolution: 720 x 480(D1),
    704 x 240, 352 x 240

  • User defined motion detection area

  • Search modes: Stepping search function - multi-speed playback, date/time, calendar, event

  • Built-in web server allows remote viewing without buying special software

  • Multiplex operation: record, multi-camera playback, network & back-up simultaneously

  • Back-up Options: Windows network neighborhood, USB HDD, USB memory stick, CD R/W

  • TCP/IP network interface for live view, playback, or back-up operations

  • Storage: 3 IDE hard disk drives (internal), USB 2.0 port for memory stick, CD R/W, optional DVD R/W.

  • Dynamic IP Support

  • Video looping outputs: 16

  • Video outputs: composite, Spot, VGA & S-Video

  • Alarm inputs/outputs: 16/8

  • Remote control

  • RS485 on-board for PTZ

Download User Manual (5MB)

The Nubix 16 is able to record high resolution images in the D1 (720x480) format, Half D1 (704x240), or standard resolution images in the CIF (352x240) format.

The on screen display of the DVR and remote controlmakes setting up the DVR simple. The DVR even supports any USB/PS2 compatible mouse making setup, recording, searching and playback even quicker and easier.

The USB port also allows video and images to be saved to a USB flash drive or external CD-RW/DVD-RW for simple data transfer. Up to 7 hours of video can be copied using DVD media.

The embedded web server enables users to monitor, playback and backup video remotely using Internet Explorer web browser. Using the client software gives you the additional ability to remotely setup and troubleshoot all functions of the DVR.


Compression MPEG4
Display Speed 480 FPS Real Time
Recording Speed 120 FPS
Display Resolution 720 x 480 (D1)
Recording Resolution 352 x 240, 704 x 240, 704 x 480 (D1) Selectable
Video Inputs 16 CH
Video Output 1 BNC Composite Video / VGA, S-Video, Spot
Recording Mode Manual, Date, Days, Hourly, Motion
Pre-alarm record 0~5 seconds
Alarm Duration 5~60 seconds
Alarm Input 16
PTZ Controls RS485 Output on Board
IR Remote Control YES
Password Protection YES
Search Mode Stepping Search Function: Multi-speed Playback, Date/Time, Calendar, Event
Motion Detection Area Division 16 x 12
Storage 3 Internal HDD
Multiplexer Function Recording, Multi-Camera Playback, Back-Up, Network
Zoom Available
Data Size 3~16Kbyte
Back-up USB HDD, USB Memory Stick, DVD-RW, CD-RW
Network TCP/IP (Live, Playback, back-up)
Operation Temperature 41°F~104°F (5°C~40°C)
Power 12 VDC / 8A (96W)
Dimensions 430(w) x 420(d) x 90(h) m

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