Weatherproof Infrared PTZ Camera
Weatherproof Infrared PTZ Camera

Weatherproof Infrared PTZ Camera

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IR PTZ camera equipped with infrared LEDs for long and short range coverage. Available optical zoom choices of 23x, 30x and 36x.
Part Number: G4-SDXIR

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  The G4-SDXIR series of PTZ cameras adds some infrared LEDs to the dome for lighting up areas where little or no light exits. The G4-SDXIR cameras come with both long range LEDs and shorter range wide angle LEDs for full area coverage.

The infrared distance is dependent on environment and zoom setting but expect 100 to 200 ft. IR illumination. Availably in 23X, 30X and 36X optical zoom modules enclosed in an IP67 weatherproof housing with lightning and surge protection.

The The G4-SDXIR cameras feature a Sony CCD sensor with 600 TVL resolution in color and 700 TVL resolution in B/W mode. The Speed-Dome housing has 255 Presets, 8 Auto-tour, 5 Auto-Pattern and 5 Auto-Scan options. With a Pan-Speed of 160° / second and a Pan Range of 360° continuously & a Tilt Speed of 120° / second and a total of 180° Tilt Range. Preset pan speed is 240° / second.

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Download 30X Specification Sheet

Download 36X Specification Sheet

The PTZ was designed to work seamlessly with Gen IV Commercial Series DVRs, implementing our newest feature — Intelligent 3D Positioning. When viewing the PTZ's Video on a G4 DVR simply use the mouse to drag a rectangle across the area you'd like to Pan, Tilt and Zoom to, the PTZ will automatically position itself to the rectangle you drew. Drastically reducing the time it takes to Pan, Tilt or Zoom to the location you'd like to view.

• 1/4-Inch Sony Color CCD Sensor
Available with 27X, 30X, 36X Optical Zoom, 10X Digital
600 Max TV Lines Resolution (700TVL B&W)
• 160°/sec manual Pan Speed, 240°/sec preset Pan Speed
• 255 User-Defined Presets
• 8 Auto Tour Modes
• 5 Auto Patterns
• 5 Auto-Scan options
• IP67 Weatherproof Rating
• Fan & Heater
• Includes a wall mount, and power supply

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