Hi-Power Digital Video Transmitter and Receiver
Hi-Power Digital Video Transmitter and Receiver

Hi-Power Digital Video Transmitter and Receiver

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Transmit video and audio out to 3000 feet with clear line of sight. The digital signal will not interfere with other 2.4 GHz equipment such as wireless routers.
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The PD2420 is our higher power wireless digital video transmitter and capable of sending both video and signals with clear line of sight to distances up to 3000 ft. using the included dipole antennas. This audio video transmitter has twice the power of our KWS7S3 transmitter and uses the same digital frequency hopping technology for longer and secure transmission.

The PD2420 sends audio and video signals privately and without interference using pairing signals and digital technology. Audio and video signals with 720 x 480 high resolution are sent encrypted from security cameras, Camcorders, TV's, or other video devices having standard composite video signal outputs. The antennas are also detachable allowing for the use of high gain directional antennas for even further signal transmission.

Purchase Includes:

  • 1 Digital 200mW Transmitter and dipole antenna
  • 1 Digital Receiver and dipole antenna
  • 1 RCA 6 ft. video/audio patch cables
  • 1 DC 12 Volt Power Supply for Receiver
  • 1 DC 12 Volt Power Supply for Transmitter
  • One Year Warranty
Frequency Band 2.400 to 2.4835GHz
Antenna/Connector Detachable omni-directional dipole antenna / (SMA reverse polarity female)
Transmit Power 200mW
Receiver Sensitivity -81dBm minimum
Digital Modulation 16QAM/QPSK/BPSK
Transmission Channels auto selection 80 channels
Video Bit Rate Up to 12Mbps
Random ID Code Up to 4 million sets
Image Processor encode/decode - MPEG4
Video Resolution 30 fps @ 720 x 480 
AV Input/Output Level 1Vp-p type @ 600O(audio/stereo); 1Vp-p type @75O(video)
Input / Output Connector RCA jacks, 1 video, 2 audio (L/R)
Power Supply 12 Volt DC, 1 A
Dimensions 3-1/2" (W) x 3-1/8" (D) x 15/16" (H) / 4-1/2" wide including flange

Output/Input: RCA female audio and video connections (adapting to a different format such as BNC is easy with our connectors and adapters.

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