Hidden Camera Wall Clock and DVR
Hidden Camera Wall Clock and DVR

Hidden Camera Wall Clock and DVR

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Ordinary looking wall clock but it has been modified to contain a hidden camera and recorder. Features 1280 x 720 HD motion detection recording with 3 second pre-record. Uses an AC power adapter so there is no worry about recharging batteries.
Part Number: DVR-CSC
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This ordinary looking high-tech DVR Wall Clock is loaded with many advanced features. It appears like a typical wall clock so it blends in anywhere without causing any suspicion in anybody’s mind. With the help of a micro SD card the camera records high definition 1280 x 720 resolution picture quality. The clock runs on one AA battery to maintain current time and the total unit runs on AC power thus relieving you from the cumbersome process of recharging the battery. Due to overwrite feature continuous recoding is not a concern.

The DVR comes with advanced motion detection with 3 second pre-alarm and post-alarm recording which allows the camera to start recording 3 seconds before the movement tripped and 3 seconds after the movement ceased. So you will not miss anything. The covert Wall Clock is equipped with a SD card recorder, handheld remote, audio/video cable (for setup and viewing on TV or monitor), USB cable for viewing and downloading images to a computer, and mounting hardware.

  • Records 1280 x 720 color video and audio
  • Power supply for continuous operation
  • A/V and USB cables for easy playback
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Motion activation with pre and post record


  • DVR Wall Clock
  • Remote Control
  • Power supply
  • Audio, Video cable
  • USB Cable
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • AC power supply with 6 foot cord
  • Clock Size: 14 inches in diameter
  • Storage: up to 32GB Micro SD cards (card not included)
  • Storage Consumption: ~ approx. 1GB consumed every 30 minutes of recording


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