Low Light Night Vision Pinhole Camera
Low Light Night Vision Pinhole Camera

Low Light Night Vision Pinhole Camera

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Black & White mini camera with 600 TVL resolution and extreme low lux .003 rating provides images in very low lit areas.
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This is the latest breakthrough in the subminiature CCTV market. The model shown above has a verified Lux rating of (.003). This allows the camera to see in extremely low light situations without the assistance of infrared illuminators. Perfect for covert or hidden camera situations since infrared illuminators have to be visible to work. Size is remarkably small at 3/4" square. Resolution is 600 lines. This camera however cannot replace the need for infrared illumination in situations where absolutely no light exists. The camera features the latest CCD technology from Sony Corporation. Sony developed a new CCD technology known as ExView SuperHad vision.

Size: 22mm X 22mm X 19mm
Horizontal Resolution: 600 Lines
Lux Equals an amazing: (.003)
Field Of View: 90 Degrees
Lens Style  Equals: I/R Cut 3.7mm Pinhole 
Durable Metal Enclosure For Trouble Free Performance
Cable Features Video and Power Connection. Ships with mounting bracket.
Operating Voltage 9 To 14 Volts DC (12 Volts Optimum)

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