Color Mini Wireless Camera and Receiver
Color Mini Wireless Camera and Receiver

Color Mini Wireless Camera and Receiver

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Camera measures less than an inch square and can be powered by a single 9V battery for 6 to 8 hours or continuously with included power adapter . Great for short or long term covert surveillance, audio and video with 4 channel selections and removable bracket.
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A handy option for those people who are looking for a small wireless camera that can be powered by a single 9volt battery. The camera comes with 4 selectable channels and removable mounting bracket.

Mini Color Wireless Camera and Receiver with Audio

The camera is highly portable measuring less than one inch square shape. The camera is a great option for hidden or body camera applications. It fulfills the need for R/C Enthusiast in cars, helicopters as well as planes. You have the luxury to run multiple cameras in the same location as the transmitter has 4 selectable channels.

For recording of audio and video for up to 8 hours (non-stop) just plug in a 9V alkaline battery to the camera. For continuous performance utilize plug in the included power adapter. After connecting the receiver with VCR or TV with the included cable use the tuning knob for visualization.

With a low consumption of power this spy camera brings you all the advantage to keep it concealed or worn. It comes up with USA made Omniview sensor and this cmos camera provides you almost same quality picture like CCD cameras with amazing 80% less power consumption.

Purchase Includes:
  • Small and portable 4 channel 2.4GHz Camera
  • Tunable receiver
  • Two 8 Volt DC AC adapter for receiver and transmitter
  • One year warranty

Specifications for Transmitter and Receiver:

  • CMOS Color Sensor - new generation Omniview
  • 300 Feet Line Of Sight Range - Range through obstructions will be less, expect 50 to 125 feet depending on material. Metal and Concrete will reduce range the most.
  • 60 Degrees Field of Vision
  • 380 TVL Resolution
  • Lux = 2.0 (not suitable for low light situations)
  • Operating Voltage 8 Volts DC to 10 Volts DC
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz, 4 channel selection
  • Battery clip for 9V battery (battery not included) and video and audio patch cable

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