Long Distance Digital Outdoor Transmitter and Receiver
Long Distance Digital Outdoor Transmitter and Receiver

Long Distance Digital Outdoor Transmitter and Receiver

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Transmit video and RS-485 data signals up to 3000 feet with clear line of sight. The PD2420-WP comes in an IP66 weatherproof enclosure ideal for outdoor or indoor use and will not interfere with other 2.4 GHz equipment.
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The PD2420-WP is an outdoor wireless digital video transmitter and receiver capable of sending video signals along with RS-485 data communication signals up to an unobstructed viewing distance of 3000 ft. using only the dipole antennas included. If longer transmission distance is needed the included antennas can be replaced with high gain directional antennas.

The aluminum alloy housing has a weatherproof IP66 rating and can handle most weather conditions. The digitally encrypted signal is sent at data rates up to 12Mbps providing sharp stable 720x480 resolution images. Can be used with any composite video source such as security cameras, camcorders or TVs.

The PD2420-WP uses spread spectrum frequency hopping technology for longer and secure transmission with extremely low interference between other 2.4 GHz equipment. Also the connection for RS-485 allows for wireless control of PTZ cameras.

The transmitters also have good signal penetration thanks to the digital packet transmission and can be used in non-line of sight situations. The transmission distances however will be significantly reduced depending on the material of the obstruction. Metal and concrete cause the most problems due to reflection and absorption respectively.

Purchase Includes:

  • One Outdoor Digital Transmitter with 18 inch power, video and RS-485 connection cable
  • One Outdoor Digital Receiver with 18 inch power, video and RS-485 connection cable
  • Two omni-directional antennas
  • One DC 12 Volt Power Supply for Receiver
  • One DC 12 Volt Power Supply for Transmitter
  • One Year Warranty
Frequency Range 2.400 to 2.4800 GHz
Antenna - 2.4GHz Omni-directional Reverse Polarity
Transmit Power 200mW
Receiver Sensitivity -85dBm minimum
Digital Modulation 16QAM/QPSK/BPSK
Transmitting Channels 80 - auto selection
RS-485 Protocol Pelco-P, Pelco-D auto select, 2400 baud rate
Video Bit Rate Up to 12Mbps
Random ID Code Up to 4 million sets
Video Image Processor MPEG4 encode/decode
Video Image Resolution 720 x 480 @ 30 fps
Video Input/Output Level 1Vp-p type @75Ω(video)
Video Output/Intput Connection BNC Male
Power Adapter 1A - 12Volt DC
Max Current Usage 500mA
Size 6" (W) x 4-3/4" (D) x 1-1/2" (H)

Input/Output: BNC Male (if using a different format please see our connectors and adapters.

Antenna inputs: Receiver and transmitter connectors are reverse polarity SMA female so the connector of any replacement antenna or antenna cable must be reverse polarity SMA male.

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