Setting up your wireless security system will take a couple of pieces of equipment including the video transmitter and receiver. With the wireless video transmitter your cameras will send signals back to the TVs, security DVRs, and monitors you have attached to your system. In order to record and see video, you have to have a recorder and some type of monitor. It is up to you to decide how many monitors and cameras you have.

At least with wireless video transmission you are eliminating the need to string cables about your home or place of business. Sometimes cables can be prohibited due to your covenants for your home or business. In other instances you might find it too difficult to string the cable due to distance or because it would look unattractive in your home or business.

With a video sender you do not need to be worried about unsightly cables. For temporary use all you need is a 12 volt battery to power the transmitter. You can also plug them into a wall outlet or use solar equipment for your transmitter to ensure it is always sending a signal from the camera to your recording equipment.

As you decide how many cameras and monitors you need, also consider how many wireless transmitters will be required. The placement of your video transmitter is important. It needs to have a strong signal so you will not have signal interference and be able to handle the cameras you need it to send signals for.

There are a wide range of choices for transmitters. With the choices you have several hertz and watts to choose from, which are important for the strength of the signal the wireless video transmitter will send out. Distance can be up to 2500 feet for some of the transmitters available for sale.