Protecting your place of business or your home is important. You may have items you wish to protect from theft, which is why infrared security cameras can be helpful. Day and night vision surveillance cameras help ensure no one can get into your home or business, and if they do you will have a record of who tried to break in.

Infrared security cameras work with an LED array which activates at lower light settings should someone try to break in. This is particularly helpful for businesses where lighting is much lower or turned off after business hours. The LED array outputs infrared light visible to the camera's sensor and can provide clear black and white images for viewing or recording even in complete darkness.

During the day these security cameras offer a color image. Color images can often provide more details during the day time than black and white especially about what is stolen or who the perpetrator might be.

Whether you need to protect your home or business surveillance cameras are the way to ensure you have a recording and can help catch the thief. In business, you know you are more likely to be stolen from by your employees versus consumers. At least with cameras you have the potential of catching the person or persons responsible.

If there is an inside person surveillance cameras can help with this too. You can watch how clients and employees interact to see if something is suspect.

You will need to choose between the different styles and models of cameras. You have dome, IR, compact, and cameras with audio that can be installed. Depending on what you have of value you might wish to have audio and visual capabilities. On the other hand if you are protecting inventory versus highly valuable items, visual might be what you requirement most.