Fake Security Camera in Outdoor housing with LED
Fake Security Camera in Outdoor housing with LED

Fake Security Camera in Outdoor housing with LED

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This heavy duty fake security camera in outdoor housing with light is the first of its kind to have the camera lens built into the glass front.  This design keeps the camera from sliding out of place and the LED is more visible.
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This fake security camera is of heavy duty design which can be set up outdoors for security with LED light. It is the first which has the built-in camera lens in the front glass. This is designed properly to avoid camera misalignment and the LED is more noticeable.

Without facing a huge amount of cost you can easily put off the robbery, theft and vandalism. When you set it outside even the most trained criminals will think of going elsewhere because they will assume that the whole area is covered with highly sophisticated security cameras.

Larger size gives the camera more visibility at daylight and at night the red colored flashing LED light will make it visible easily. It can be used for security in parking lots or at the front door of homes, stores or any kind of business. Using the included bracket and stainless screws you can install it easily in no time practically anywhere.

  • Video cables and outdoor metal housing give the ultimate operational look
  • To ensure more constancy the camera lens is built into the glass front
  • Adaptable Metal installation bracket
  • Flashing LED provides realism (2AA batteries required but not included)
  • Housing Size 9" (L) x 5-3/8" (W) x 4-1/2" (H) (excluding bracket)

Add some Warnings Signs for even more deterrence.

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