With the improvement in technology, enhanced versions of security cameras are launched in the market and PTZ Security Camera is one such camera out of many. These PTZ cameras are considered as advanced and improved version of earlier security cameras. The term PTZ refers to the Pan Tilt Zoom and features that are incorporated in these cameras. These high end security cameras are capable enough to follow the instructions like pan back and forth, tilt up and down and can be easily zoomed in or out. They are usually attached either to an external rotating frame or fixed inside dome housing. If it attached with rotating frame, then it requires hardwiring to perform function adequately.

How camera works?
The PTZ security camera works according to the instructions made using a joystick, through the smart phone or with the help of remote connection over an internet. These hi tech security cameras need manual instruction for performing functions like tilt, rotate, etc. They are controlled with the help of DVR, PTZ controller or computer. However, now the latest auto tracking feature is introduced in these devices which do not require any manual instructions for performing important functions.

Advantages of PTZ security cameras:
Along with the capability to rotate left and right, up and down; these cameras have various other benefits too. The zoom in and out feature of these cameras make it easier for the security agencies and police to detect the criminals since these devices are capable of facial recognition more than 400 feet away. Using these cameras, one can find the clear view to all possible security zones. The auto-tracking mode is a latest feature that has been added to these devices and has resolved the manual tracking problem. In addition to this, they can be installed to walls, ceilings or rooftops. These versatile security cameras are installed easily both indoors and outdoors.

Cost of the cameras:
The PTZ cameras are basically used for security purpose cameras thus they are equipped with various features. So, as compared to other security cameras, PTZ cameras are comparatively more expensive than other security devices. The maintenance cost of these devices can be higher due to the more complex circuitry and components but is usually worth the possible expense.

So, if you are interested in these cameras, look for online reputed stores that deal in a number of security and surveillance systems.