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HD security cameras for High Resolution Recording

We carry two types of HD security cameras the HD-SDI format and the HD-TVI format. Both provide a significant increase in image quality over standard analog or 960H cameras. The resolutions are 720p and 1080p and use progressive scan which provides clearer images when recording moving objects. These cameras use the same cable and BNC connectors as standard security cameras so there is no need to run new or additional wires. However the HD-TVI cameras are less prone to video artifacts or video loss caused by older existing RG59 cables then the HD-SDI cameras, and can also support longer cable runs up to 1500 feet.

The video recorders are not compatible so you need to use HD-SDI cameras with the HD-SDI recorders and the same with the HD-TVI cameras and recorders. The HD-SDI video recorder is available in a hybrid model where you can use a mixture of standard analog or 960H cameras with the HD-SDI cameras. At present the HD-TVI recorders only support HD-TVI cameras.
HD-TVI Security Cameras
HD-TVI Security Cameras
720p and 1080p HD security cameras
provide  extremely clear and detailed video
For use with HD-TVI Video Recorders
HD-SDI Security Cameras
HD-SDI Security Cameras
1080p High Definition security cameras
for exceptionally clear detailed images
For use with HD-SDI Video Recorders
AHD Security Cameras
AHD Security Cameras
High definition 1080p AHD cameras. Available in bullet and dome styles. For use with AHD security DVRs or standard video recorders
16 Channel HD-TVI Hybrid Video Recorder 16 Channel HD-TVI Hybrid Video Recorder
8 Channel HDTVI Hybrid Video Recorder 8 Channel HDTVI Hybrid Video Recorder
Compact Infrared HD-TVI 1080p Bullet Camera Compact Infrared HD-TVI 1080p Bullet Camera

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